Point of Sales(POS)

Point of Sales(POS)

Speed up your Transactional process

We know that retailers need to manage long queues of customers at peak retail hours, time a key factor in the retail space.

Our point-of-sale solution is designed to facilitate fast and efficient transaction processing, further enhancing customer service through speed and accuracy.

POS Main Modules

Point of Sales

The retail sector is at the sharp end of the economy, under constant pressure to sustain turnover, market share and margins, while responding to fierce price competition.
New sales channels have opened up the market and altered the traditional customer relationship. Retailers succeed in this fast-moving environment if they keep total visibility of their supply chain, continue to improve customer service, and maintain efficient transaction processing and cash handling.
Our solution offers a user-friendly, touch screen interface with advanced search capabilities and comprehensive transaction management, that gives you a wealth of information at the touch of a finger.

Your customers will appreciate the professional service.

POS Features

Cash & account sales
Customer orders and quotations
Detailed Reports
Product Inventory

Benefits at a Glance

Accurate and fast transaction processing
Professional and efficient customer service
Ability to capture and manage all transactional data

Why is a POS system important?

Gone are the days where retailers would record individual sales by hand, and give the customer a hand-written receipt. Today, POS Systems focus on what the customer wants, while providing a safe, quick, and efficient transaction that can be electronically recorded for quality and security purposes.
A POS system records payments and subsequently provides an immediate and accurate inventory assessment.

This ensures that staff have more time to spend with customers, improving their experience.

How does a POS system assist with stock management?

A POS system allows retailers to manage their stock effectively by recording the number of items available on and off of the shelves. When a customer returns an item, it is automatically placed back into the inventory and, when stock is low, the POS system will alert retailers.
By using a POS system to manage stock, retailers will have a better idea of where their capital expenditure is going – are certain products flying off of the shelves, or are these products not moving?

A POS system allows retailers to make informed decisions about how to properly and effectively manage stock and procurement.

How does a POS system help with customer service?

A quality POS system will help retailers better understand their customers and their buying habits. Up-to-date customer history is available to help sales staff better position certain deals, products, or services that might cater to an individual shopper’s needs.

From this data, retailers are able to tailor the shopping experience for certain customers, making it more personal.

If you’re new to retail, or you’re looking to significantly improve your retail business, be sure to consider the many benefits of a POS system.

Not only will you quickly reap the benefits of a more optimally run business, but you will also begin to transform the experience that you offer you customers.

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