Bulk SMS Providers

Bulk SMS Providers

Our integrated mass marketing Bulk SMS Solution platform offers a wide range of enriched SMS technology to enable you to connect effectively with your customers.

To ease on communication, PAMATECH GLOBAL SOLUTION provides branded SMS that come with your company's name at a relatively lower cost per unit SMS, providing also an API to link to you company applications and softwares.
PamatechMobile is a cloud-based web platform that allows users to automate personalized communication at scale.
Using our Messaging technology, PamatechMobile enables their customers to start engaging clients through mobile conversations, surveys and quizzes.

Send Bulk SMS to hundreds and thousands of Your Clients and Customers by just one click!

Bulk SMS Features

Personalized SMS
Scheduled SMS to be sent in the future
Real time delivery reports
SMS Recovery
No expiry

Low cost

Send SMS to your clients at the cheapest rates and multiply your returns hence the growth of your organization.

Fastest and Reliable

Get 100% delivery status easily with high open rate chance percentages.

SMS Scheduling

No worries of being caught up with time, automate sending of messages by scheduling what time the messages are to send - the date, time and day.

Promotional Marketing

Promotes your business by marketing your organization by sending SMS with your company name(Branded SMS).

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